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Let's Make It Happen

We were engaged by ethical, green gas and electricity supplier People's Energy to make their first ever nationwide ad campaign.

A Community Interest Company with a mission to eradicate fuel poverty, a tight budget, an even tighter deadline, a requirement to distinguish our client from all the other green energy suppliers, and a desire to become famous. No pressure. Exactly the kind of challenge that we relish at World HeadquartersInfinite Content and Think Alt - working together as agency collective Weave.

We proposed a campaign based around the concept of 'active energy'. A people-powered movement of positive activism communicated in the line "Let's Make It Happen". We worked with our clients at People's Energy to develop TV scripts and find a suitably genuine spokesperson for this genuinely socially-led brand. Following an extensive search we collectively agreed that we'd found our hero. Gareth Thomas. Rugby legend, LGBT+ and HIV rights activist, and passionate advocate for social change. Oh, and absolutely lovely human being.

The campaign comprised a 30" DRTV ad, a full flotilla of display ads, a suite of social videos, bumper ads and posts, a 60" film, a set of stills and a 500k+ door drop.

Client / 

People's Energy

Role / 

Concept, Copy,
Art Direction, Creative Direction,

Film Direction

Agency / 

World Headquarters

Year / 


Nationwide TV campaign
Multi-format display ad campaign
Social clip - Winter
500k+ door drop campaign
Social clip - My Kind of Mission
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