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The Opal Office

The Opal Office is ​our collective of passionate, highly experienced creatives, through which we deliver premium creative content for hotels, leisure and tourist destinations worldwide.

A tight-knit team of creatives with exacting standards, a collaborative spirit and bags of knowledge. Our approach is nimble, flexible and scalable. So whether your project is a small update or a wildly ambitious makeover, we can deliver.

We’re thinkers and doers. We plan, strategise and then execute. To the highest standard. The Opal Office is an adventurous, inventive, irrepressible gang gathering together like-minded film-makers, photographers, designers, creative directors, writers and producers.

Client / 


Role / 

Concept, Copy, Art Direction, Design, Film Production & Direction, Creative Direction

Agency / 

World Headquarters

Year / 

2020 - Present

The Opal Office Showreel
Artfarm - Fish Shop
Stills Photography (📷 Al Ferrier)
Artfarm - Fish Shop - Ilfracombe stills (📷 Benjamin Pryor)

When The Opal Office delivers an interiors shoot we go to town. You can expect polished art direction and styling, provision of additional props and flowers if required, bespoke lighting along with professional direction of any staff, actors or models.

Food & Drink

Ensuring dishes, beverages and even nibbles look irresistible is a fine art. It’s also a real passion for several of our creative team, one of whom was a lauded chef in a past life.


Our deep understanding of the hard work and creativity in the kitchen means that we work seamlessly with your chefs to capture magnificent food at its freshest and finest. Whenever necessary we’ll use tricks of the trade to tweak stills and video, adding spritz to a Champagne glass or extra steam to a bowl of bouillabaisse for example.


And we’re not averse to helping ‘clear the plates’ once we’ve got the shot.


Prior to the shoot we will work with you to determine the nature of your visual voice. We believe this is of crucial importance. A few seconds of video, a couple of photographs, and a potential guest has already formed an impression of your hospitality based on the overall mood of your visuals.


So we’ll discuss what your venue or destination feels like. Is it best suited to the down-to-earth authenticity of featuring real staff and non-models? Or should we be aiming for a more premium, aspirational look with professional models playing staff, customers or both? The Opal Office is equally comfortable with either approach. We have extensive experience of working with day-to-day staff and helping them to relax in front of the lens.


Audiences have increasingly come to expect quality video content. Film shoots can rapidly escalate into huge, costly productions - but they don’t have to.

Our team prefers an agile approach. We use top quality, highly portable kit. We work to a 4K standard (Ultra High Definition) so that all the footage we shoot can be used online, on TV or in cinema. And we undertake a thorough pre-production process in order to maximise our shooting schedule, making the best use of daylight and ultimately delivering maximum production value onto viewers’ screens.


Our kit is all part of the package. We own and operate a variety of professional drones enabling us to capture footage of hotels, leisure destinations, landscapes and activities from the air. Majestic floating shots of local scenery and bird’s eye views of the grounds and other facilities invite customers to feel immersed in your world. Fast-paced action fly-bys add dynamism to outdoor experiences. We can even take your viewers underwater and on board vehicles with a 5K mini-camera.


A relaxing spa experience or a high energy game of tennis, family fun in the pool or a competitive round of golf. Whatever you offer we’ll showcase your facilities and on-site entertainment in the best light.


We can also provide visual itineraries for the local area, covering city-guides, recommended partner experiences and walking or jogging routes. All of this content can subsequently be repurposed for use in social, on your website, in advertising and on screens at your venue.


Many establishments we’ve worked with in the past have asked us to feature their wider events offering. Weddings, private receptions, corporate meetings and team-building days, themed entertainment and seasonal festivals are all part and parcel of modern hospitality. We’re experienced in styling (and re-styling) your indoor and outdoor spaces to illustrate how they might look when hosting multiple different events.


So if you want to shoot Santa’s Grotto in March, we can make it happen.

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