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Meant to Bee

We worked with one of our regular collaborators The Liberty Guild to help Rowse Honey launch a new chocolate spread called ChocoBee.

Rowse ChocoBee is the ultimate anti-Nutella. No added sugar. No palm oil. No dairy. No nuts. In fact, ChocoBee only has two ingredients. Honey and Cocoa.

Rowse ChocoBee is as sweet and delicious as it is completely, naturally innocent.

Our idea was to create two charming storybook characters to represent the goodness and childhood innocence inherent in ChocoBee. Honey the bee, and Cocoa the bean (or more accurately pod). Best pals forever. Two things that are so good together, they're simply meant to be.

We created a series of films bringing their world to life in BVOD and social channels. Everything was illustrated by Gem - from characters to backgrounds (it's handy to have a former fine artist as an Art Director). Animation studio Second Home faithfully brought Gemma's illustrations to life.

We wrote the lyrics for a theme tune, which our trusty composer David Mackay brought to life with his usual flair and sensitive understanding (see the final film below).

Finally, we also created limited edition soft toys, stickers and notebooks to help Rowse promote the launch on social and with retail customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Client / 


Role / 

Concept, Copy,
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Illustration, Lyrics


Agency / 

Liberty Guild

Year / 


TVC: Together At Last
YouTube ad: Made for Each Other
Social: Tandem
Social: Bounce
Social: Waterski
Social: Sunset
Social: Singalong with Honey & Cocoa
Honey & Cocoa soft toys
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