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Northumbrians Love...

World Headquarters worked into Drummond Central, the Newcastle based creative agency, on one of their client projects for Northumberland County Council.

The challenge was to encourage visitors to Northumberland to treat the county with respect. In the summer of 2021 visitor numbers were expected to be sizeable - indeed many hotels, B&B's and visitor attractions were already booked out due to the Covid staycation frenzy.

Our concept was to connect the visitors with the locals as directly as possible. In a simple play on one of the most famous tourist logos of all time - the seminal 'I ❤️ NY' logo by Milton Glaser - we switched the 'I' for 'Northumbrians', and updated the red heart to represent the strikingly recognisable red and yellow hatched Northumbrian flag.

This allowed us to communicate multiple messages about being a good visitor from the point of view of the people who know and care for the area best: the locals. By emphasising what type of visitors Northumbrians love, we were able to welcome visitors whilst at the same time reminding them to ​'Love it like its yours'.

Naturally these messages would come across best if they came from genuine locals, so the agency found suitable representatives.

The outputs included 60" and 30" films, posters, personalisable posters given to local businesses and attractions, social media posts and more.

Client / 


County Council

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Agency / 

Drummond Central

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The original inspiration
Northumbrian Heart Logo_Black.png
The Northumbrian version
60" film
Northumberland Poster 3.jpg
Northumberland Poster 2.jpg
Code of conduct poster
Northumberland Personaliseable Poster 1.jpg
Personalisable poster
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