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Islaand Life

Raasay is a tiny, magical island nestled in the sweeping curve of Skye's eastern coastline. Roughly the size and shape of Manhattan, but with just 160 residents. As opposed to 1.6 million. You've never been anywhere quite like it. 

Isle of Raasay Distillery asked us to make a film about the spirit of the island. We spent just under a week filming the distillery and its team, the magnificent landscape, chasing rainbows, having fires on the beach and saying "hiyaaa-aaa-aaa!" to the local sheep.

We hope we've managed to capture a real sense of what this special place is like, and that these films may tempt you - and many others around the world - to visit one day.

Cinematography by Charlie Wood. Stills by Euan Myles.

Client / 

Isle of Raasay Distillery

Role / 

Concept, Creative Direction, Film Production, Direction & Post-Production

Agency / 

World Headquarters

Year / 


Islaand Life - Hero edit
Islaand Life - 40" Commercial
Islaand Life - After Hours (30" edit)
Islaand Life - Borodale House (42" edit)
Islaand Life - Exploring (38" edit)
Islaand Life - Walled Garden (49" edit)
Islaand Life - social triptychs
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