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Super Yummies Influencer Launch

We worked with Danone to create a micro-budget sampling campaign with a twist for their new range of toddler snacks 'The Super Yummies’. We wanted to encourage trial, build chatter and credibility through influencer activity - so we let the children do the talking. 


Kids have the most wonderful imaginations. So we sent two well known mummy bloggers on a day out with their pint sized comedians and they asked them a few questions about the snack ingredients to spark conversation. We had no idea what the responses were going to be.  


Their little stories and drawings, fuelled by the product, were turned into two entertaining animations. The mums, of course, proudly shared the films on their social channels which drove our reach.

Client / 


Role / 

Concept, Creative Direction

Agency / 

Lost Boys

Year / 


"I could not be more proud of him or the final film - PLUS IT’S TOTALLY HILARIOUS TOO!"


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