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Make It Extraordinary

Following our successful collaboration on 2019's Dream Team, Edinburgh agency Guy & Co asked World Headquarters to take the creative reins on their next major campaign for the UK's favourite potato brand.

Featuring a trio of supremely talented Canadian acrobats including rising star Jacob Grégoire, the 40" TVC and cinema ad follows the journey of a single rooster potato through a fantastical version of the Albert Bartlett picking line, into a bag and onto a dining table at home as a delicious roast potato.

Directed by Finnish wunderkind Nalle Sjöblad and featuring music by Verdi, rearranged and recorded by Debbie Wiseman OBE, the film is full of surprises and memorable juxtapositions. All of this was brought to life thanks to the incredible dedication of production company Infinite Content.

Let's #DoTheAlbertBartlett again ;)

"Quirky, bold and operatic... If a brand wanted to herald its product in an unexpected way and do so with distinction it could do much worse than writing a piece of opera for its multi-million-dollar ad campaign."

- Adweek

"***** - an amusing but clever way to emphasise the brand's premium potato approach, with an operatic soundtrack only adding to the piece's self-consciously over-the-top feel. There's a way to do excess properly, and this brings viewers along for the ride."


"Gav and Gem were the brains behind the two most recent Albert Bartlett campaigns. The ads pushed the boundaries and met all the criteria for a successful execution - memorable, strongly branded, unique, integrated across the whole communication mix and solidly founded on brand truths. Gav and Gem provide top quality creativity, yet remain flexible and collaborate with the agency and client alike. They are a pleasure to work with - highly recommended!"

- Michael Jarvis, Head of Marketing, Albert Bartlett

Client / 

Albert Bartlett

Role / 

Concept, Copy, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Lyrics

Agency / 

Guy & Co

Year / 


203% increase in purchase intent, 58% prompted brand awareness

The Drum Roses Awards 2022 - Online Campaign - Gold

The Drum Roses Awards 2022 - Art Direction - Bronze

Marketing Society Star Awards 2023 - Advertising - Gold

Marketing Society Star Awards 2023 - Food - Gold

40" TVC & Cinema ad
10" Frozen TVC
Albert Bartlett - Make It Extraordinary campaign.jpg
Campaign stills shot by Rod Penn
Albert Bartlett Extraordinary - website.png
See more on the Albert Bartlett website
Campaign packaging by Guy & Co and Tynan D'Arcy
ASDA range 2022 - Social ad - Chilled
ASDA range 2022 - Social ad - Fresh
ASDA range 2022 - Social ad - Scottish
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