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Dùn Cana

Dùn Cana Sherry Quarter Cask is a new release from the Inner Hebridean distillery. A bold expression of Raasay's mighty volcanic mountain, erupting with flavour and flare.

This announcement film was inspired by the history of the island, the majesty of the landscape and of course chiefly by Dùn Cana itself - the ancient, huge volcanic plug that sits proudly as the highest point for miles around.

Every drop of water used by Raasay Distillery comes from their own well. This water has been on a journey through the venerable layers of volcanic rock that make up Dùn Cana. Fresh rainwater trickles down through igneous rocks, becoming exceptionally mineral-rich and thus providing a unique starting point for the magic to follow. That's why Dùn Cana has been 66 million years in the making.

The first release of Dùn Cana sold out within a few weeks. In April 2024 it was named Whisky of the Year at the London Spirits Competition, and Isle of Raasay Distillery was named Distillery of the Year.

"Fans of Inner Hebridean geology are in for a treat, as directors Gav Gordon-Rogers and Gemma Butler play Earth's greatest hits: minerals, rocks, soil and water. They all play a part in the creation of Dùn Cana, a 52% ABV whisky that's been a long time coming.
****" -

Client / 

Isle of Raasay Distillery

Role / 

Concept, Copy, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Film Direction

Agency / 

World Headquarters

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Launch film
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